Analysis board

Today we got the analysis board and a new bottom bar.


In the analysis board you can undo moves and test out future move combinations. You can enter it from any other game or the side menu. If the analyzed game is complete or an offline game, it is possible to turn on hints.

Hints are shown using multiple arrows. If more than one move is displayed, the transparency stands for how good the move actually is. Different colors mean different bots. At the moment, these are the color combinations but they can change anytime:
  • Green: online Classic Bot Level 4
  • Blue: online Neo Bot Level 5
  • Cyan: offline Classic Bot Level 3
Online Bots cache their thinking results and can be displayed. If the server has no move to display, the client performs a search for the best move using strength 3.

The button bar at the bottom was replaced. Now there are icons that symbolise the possible actions like resign, share, back, foreward or hints.

I decided to postpone features like follow other players so I can release the application in the coming time.

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