Version 1.7

Hello, 5 months later it's finally time for another update. This time the highlights are improved computer speed and nice charts.

Improved computer speed

The computer speed was improved by 2x or more. Now it's finally possible to increase the computer depth on Android devices. Offline games can use 4 instead of 3 and local computer analysis uses 3 now instead of 2.

Also you can now choose the strength when starting an offline game.

Charts and stats

If you scroll down in the "Top players" screen, you will see new statistics that may be interesting. The charts show games per day, players per day and the global average rating.

The server now slowly pushes the average rating to 1300. Let's see what happens ^^ (edit: this was removed again)


A new algorithm was created by ezragt called "BlankBot". It is similar to the ClassicBot but has a different ranking for the king. It should play more aggressive by trying to run to the baseline with its king.

Very cool server stats
  • 235 registered users (including 5 bots)
  • 7.5 K played games
  • 31 K opening database entries
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