Version 1.6 - Global Chat

Heyaaaa, a new Flang Version is here.

What are the new features we can enjoy?

Global Chat

You can now chat in-game with other players. You can also send games either through the new import feature or by sharing games from the games screen into the global chat. Online games are referenced by their game ID and offline games contain only the game data.


Flang Notations v2

A new version of notations has arrived. The new ones are shorter and easier to transmit. More info here:

Import games

From the Analysis screen, you can click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner and click on "Import game". Then you can paste Flang games or positions into the textfield. Supported formats are FBNv2, FMN (v1 & v2)

Faster offline bot and hint calculation (about x5-10 speed)

The faster bot is already used on the server for about two weeks. This is how I reduced the time to get to the same result:
  • Use Alpha/Beta-Pruning on the top level
  • Reuse the evaluation matrix -> it doesn't need to be rebuilt every time
  • Use primitive Java-Types and Enums instead of created lots of new java objects
  • Instead of building a list of all moves, we can process them straight away through Kotlin inlining

Web client

I'm currently developing a web/browser client for Flang. Hopefully I can finish this sooner or later because that would be a massive improvement. At the moment only Android-Users can enjoy playing it. (You can always play it offline on a real-life board though)

And as always:

The server stats
  • 165 registered users (including 4 Bots)
  • 6 unique daily users
  • 5.47K played games
  • 21K opening database entries
That's it for 2021 Smile See you in the Telegram/Matrix chat or the new Ingame chat
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