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How far so far? - jannis - 04-27-2021

At the moment the following things are implemented:
  • Game works
  • Java Bot (up to #3 on mobile, #4 on server)
  • D-Bot (up to #5 on server)
  • Online registration
  • Request a game
  • Play a game online
  • Player profiles
  • ELO rating
  • Time control
Still there are some things left before release including:
  • Show rating differences after the game
  • Follow other players
  • Search for other players
  • Flang TV (similar to Lichess TV)
  • Analysis board
  • Challenge other players
  • Import games
  • Play over the board (flip black pieces)
  • Client version check (show a notice to old clients that the version might not be working correctly anymore)
  • Player profiles (online state, registration date, report users, chart showing the elo ranking)
And some things that are considered to be added after release at some point:
  • Mark games as favorites
  • When sharing boards, also share a screenshot
  • Opening book and opening naming (like in chess "queens gambit")
  • See online friends
  • Text chat
  • Badges
I plan to move this feature list into a git repo soon.